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Loudmouth Golf: Captain Thunderbolt in a windshirt

October 08, 2012

Loudmouth Golf continues to expand its colorful (to put it midly) line of apparel and is now offering windshirts with familiar color schemes, including the windshirt shown above in Captain Thunderbolt ($75 for the longsleeve half zip, $65 for the half-zip vest).

"They are versatile and can be paired with your Loudmouth Golf pants, a solid golf pant, or your favorite pair of jeans," Loudmouth Golf CEO Larry Jackson said in a news release. "They are a must-have staple in all Loudmouth closets."

Things we'd like to see: Loudmouth Golf spokesman John Daly pairing the Captain Thunderbolt windshirt with Captain Thunderbolt pants.

Loudmouth Golf is offering the windshirts in 20 different designs and four styles, the latter including V-Neck longsleeve or vest and the aforementioned half-zip longsleeve or vest.