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Looks like Justin Rose is handling his Masters playoff defeat well

April 10, 2017

While the golf world applauds Sergio Garcia's breakthrough, there's a corollary to this result; chiefly, that Justin Rose left Augusta National without the green jacket. Though he does have a U.S. Open and gold medal on his résumé, the Englishman's track record at the Masters is a tale of near misses, with seven top-15 finishes and two runner-ups. As last week proved, Rose has plenty of firepower left in the tank; in that same breath, he turns 37 this summer. The window to cash-in is starting to close.

So it's understandable if Rose is feeling a tad dejected today. Let's check to see how he's holding up:

Oh, well then. Not an expert in the grieving process, but I'm assuming -- judging by riding with Niall Horan in a golf cart adorned in a "Hello Kitty" golf bag -- that Rose remains in okay spirits. I suppose that's the type of demeanor that comes with a worldly, even-keeled perspective, compartmentalizing each loss within the context of life's greater scope.

That, or Rose realized he still won $1.18 million for finishing second. One of the two.