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Look how close this lightning bolt came to hitting Chambers Bay

We've all probably taken lightning and thunderstorms for granted. Us golfers tend to think we're invincible.

But it's photos like the one Chambers Bay shared on Thursday night that remind us just how dangerous tempting fate on the golf course can be. The University Place, Wash. course, site of the 2015 U.S. Open, shared this on their instruction academy's Facebook page.

That looks like a strike right in Puget Sound, just off the coast of the course. Good thing golf schools were cancelled for the day.

The Pacific Northwest has gotten a ton of rain recently. And Thursday was actually the first day in seven months that Washington had a day over 70 degrees.

Then this thunderstorm rolled in and forced everyone off the course for the day. At least nobody was hurt. There are more playable days ahead . . .