Tenuous Golf ConnectionsDecember 15, 2015

Long before Adele's latest run of world dominance, she helped Rory McIlroy win his first major

Golf may have a new Big 3, but in the world of music right now, there's only one Adele. With all due respect to Taylor Swift, Adele has been in Tiger-Woods-2000 mode since the release of her latest album, "25."

In three weeks, the album has sold more than five million copies, and the British pop star drew favorable ratings to Monday Night Football for her live TV concert on NBC on Monday night. With Adele being so in demand right now, we thought there was no better time to remind everyone on the profound impact she's made in the world of pro golf as well.

The singer isn't known to play or even like golf, but she played a role in Rory McIlroy ascending to elite status. Not with a putting tip, but rather with a tune. Here's McIlroy explaining how Adele helped him get over the hump to win his first major at the 2011 U.S. Open.

"What do you do; what do you think; how do you feel; do you try to think of something else; do you sing a song? Whatever it is you do, everyone treats it differently," McIlroy said. "But I think you have to go through those experiences to be able to handle it better in the future."

And what song was that?

"It was Adele," the two-time major winner said, not elaborating on the specific track by the Grammy-winning singer. "I didn't sing it quite as well as her, but it played every morning on the radio, so it was a song stuck in my head this week."

At the rate Adele songs are being played on the radio these days, there's a good chance Rory will have another one of her hits still stuck in his head by the time the Masters rolls around. And that could be bad news for his competitors.


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