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Local sportscaster reminds everyone Shooter McGavin lost to Happy Gilmore -- and Shooter isn't happy about it

March 22, 2017

The memory of a heartbreaking loss never truly goes away. And it's even tougher to forget when people keep bringing it up.

Such is life for Shooter McGavin, the misunderstood golfer (unfairly?) painted as the villain in Happy Gilmore. Oh, sure, Shooter looks tough, but he bleeds just like anyone else. And he's sick of being reminded about blowing that four-shot lead on the back nine of the 1996 Tour Championship.

But 21 years after that fabled tournament movie was released, KOAM TV's Jacob Lenard recalled Shooter's meltdown during a recent sports segment (must have been a slow sports day in Joplin, Mo.). And Shooter -- now a popular Twitter personality -- wasn't happy about it.

Shooter also probably didn't appreciate co-anchor Doug Heady calling the occasion "a big day." Twice.

Both KOAM TV employees still have their jobs according to the station's website. Shooter doesn't have as much pull as he once did.