Shoot For The Stars

This Little Leaguer's 'dream job' choice is so absurd that we simply have to respect it

The internet has made a lot of things worse, basically everything really. That's not the case, though, for the Little League World Series, which has been made eminently more enjoyable thanks to normally-awful places like Twitter and Instagram. Where else would we have been introduced to Big Al, who did nothing but hit dingers?

Fifteen or 20 years ago, only a handful of people who happened to be watching a random LLWS game on a random summer Wednesday would have seen this. Thanks to the internet, millions saw it, and it still gets shared, liked, and retweeted on a yearly basis. 

Thanks to that same internet, on Wednesday we were introduced to Brody Jackson of Webb City, Missouri, an 11-year-old third baseman whose team is now one win away from advancing out of the Midwest Regional. During one of his at-bats on Wednesday, his bio card flashed across the screen featuring his age and height, plus his "dream job," which is one of the greatest things these eyes have ever seen:

Nothing but respect for this KING. If you get your dream job you'll never work a day in your life, and for Brody, that means going ham on chicken nuggies for the rest of his life like McLovin's character in "Role Models." Brody knows what he wants and hopefully he will stop at nothing to get there.