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Listen to Paul Goydos describe the crude voicemail that once got him fined by the PGA Tour

November 14, 2016

Paul Goydos is probably best known for being one of only six players to break 60 on the PGA Tour. But he's part of another select group on tour that might be even smaller: Players to get fined for leaving a voicemail.

In a recent interview with Skratch TV, Goydos described the events that led to the most unusual of the four fines he's received throughout his two decades-plus on the PGA Tour. After a long, bad Saturday (rain had forced 36 holes that day) at the 1996 NEC World Series of Golf, Goydos tumbled out of first place. Wanting to move up his flight the following day since he'd have a much earlier tee time, Goydos called the tour's travel office. But when he got an answering machine saying it was open from 10-4, he lost his temper.

"'Oh really, you’re open 10-4? Guess when we f@#$ing play golf? From 10-4, you jack@##es. You should be open from 4 'til 10 so we can actually use you.' And I went on and on and on and on about this, 'This is a joke, 'you guys are clowns,' blah, blah, blah,'" Goydos said.

"It lasted a couple of minutes, I hang up the phone, and I get a letter from the tour saying you’re getting fined and you have to write a letter of apology. And I go, 'What are you nuts? I understand and I’ll pay the fine, but I’m not going to write a letter of apology to those jack***es.'"

Watch the entire Skratch TV interview with Goydos, which also includes a wild Donald Trump tale:

In the 2007 book, "Tales From Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major," Goydos told John Feinstein that he didn't have to pay the fine because "a bunch of guys got together and raised the money."

And if they didn't, Goydos would have been fine. Twenty years later, he's still raking in money, including Sunday's win over Bernhard Langer at the Charles Schwab Cup that earned him a cool $440K. We're guessing no angry voicemails materialized after that.