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Lincicome, Christina Kim in Twitter feud

October 13, 2012

No one is immune from the bad day at the office (or several of them), even when the office is a golf course, as two of the more prominent LPGA players demonstrated in a Twitter spat that erupted on Friday.

It began with Brittany Lincicome, who in four previous starts had missed the cut twice, tied for 21st and tied for 60th. On Friday, she took to Twitter to lament her play at the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia:

Golf is SOOO dang frustrating :-( Can't wait for the year to be over!!!!!!!!!!!

A few hours later, in the midst of a rain delay, she followed with this:

*Rain rain go away!!!!! Actually if it stays around I won't have to play anymore!!!!! :-)

Christina Kim, meanwhile, took exception, alluding to the fact that she failed to qualify for the Sime Darby (and other tournaments) as a result of her performance this year (110th on the LPGA money list) and will go to the LPGA Qualifying Tournament for the first time in her 10-year career .

Following is the exchange between Lincicome and Kim (all posts have since been deleted), with cameo Tweets from Kim's boyfriend, Duncan French (@Teamfrench23), and LPGA players Kristy McPherson, Nicole Hage and Sophie Gustafson:

@TheChristinaKim: "@Brittany1golf Rain rain go away!!!!! Actually if it stays around I won't have to play anymore!!!!! :-)" I'd kill for the chance to play!

@Brittany1golf: @TheChristinaKim come play for me :-). You have time to get here. Haha

@TheChristinaKim: WOW "@Brittany1golf: @TheChristinaKim come play for me :-). You have time to get here. Haha"

@Teamfrench23 [Kim's boyfriend]: @Brittany1golf You no you don't have to play tournaments if you don't want to Britt?? No ones forcing you to be there !!

@Brittany1golf: @Teamfrench23 @TheChristinaKim  geez guys calm the hell down!!!! If you don't like what I say STOP following me

@TheChristinaKim: @Brittany1golf whoa, easy with the Tone! I'm just saying there are people that would love to play, and it wouldn't hurt to remember that

@Brittany1golf: @TheChristinaKim great! It's still a free country. I can say whatever I want! I don't comment to most of your post I'm just tired

@Brittany1golf: @TheChristinaKim it's not a good time to be on my case with the news we just got [the passing of LPGA rules offical Doug Brecht. And I'm sick of people lately comment on my post!

@TheChristinaKim: @Brittany1golf of course you can say whatever you want, I never said anything contradicting that fact. I believe in the first amendment too!

@TheChristinaKim: @Brittany1golf I am not getting on your case by any means. Please don't misconstrue my stating the obvious as me bashing your tweet

@TheChristinaKim: Pardon me? I have to think? My efforts to remind people that we are lucky to play golf for a living should be condemned?! @jerrykessler

@TheChristinaKim:  Two nights in a row I hit on contentious topics&lose 100 followers, including @Brittany1golf. Sad to see a friend unfollow due to my opinion

@SophieGustafson: @TheChristinaKim Don't worry about it CK! Let your opinions fly cause those who matter won't mind and the once who mind don't matter.

@NicoleHage: @Brittany1golf people would kill to be in Asia right now sitting in that delay waiting 4the chance2play instead were home preparing4Qschool

@NicoleHage: @Brittany1golf leave it at that #classless

@TheChristinaKim: @Brittany1golf I'm sorry if you felt I was on your case or being condescending, there was no malevolence to what I was saying.

@KRISTY2208 [McPherson]: @Brittany1golf @NicoleHage @TheChristinaKim come on kids! It's a tough day on LPGA! Not a time to be at each other's throats! #respect

@TheChristinaKim: @KRISTY2208 @Brittany1golf @nicolehage I am at no one's throat. I made a comment that was simply misconstrued. I'm sad about this, as well.

@Brittany1golf: @KRISTY2208 Trust me I'm not trying to!

@KRISTY2208: @TheChristinaKim I get that. And so does anyone else w any sense

There was vitriol as well in a back-and-forth between Lincicome and Hage, the latter beginning with this:

@Brittany1golf really britt you have to stop complaining - in a nice tone- be grateful for the opp you have of playing week in and week out

@NicoleHage I'm super grateful! Why can't I just have a bad day and NOT have you or Tina jump on my case!!!!!! STOP following me please

@Brittany1golf bc you are ALWAYS complaining! We aren't the only ones who notice everyone that is home does and you are being insensitive

@NicoleHage again STOP following me. Easy as that :-). I can't help that your not in these tournaments. I'm going to leave it at that!