PhotosSeptember 16, 2014

Lexi Thompson turns heads in latest photo shoot

In April, Lexi Thompson won her first major. Now, she's drawing major attention for something other than her golf.

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On Tuesday, Thompson Instagrammed a montage of photos from a steamy shoot she did with GolfPunk Magazine:

Here's the opening photo from the interview with the 19-year-old LPGA star, dubbed "Sexi Thompson" by the publication:

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Despite Thompson displaying a grown-up golf game for some time, we're still getting used to seeing the golfer who burst onto the scene as a pre-teen behaving like a grown woman. But after a recent commercial for Puma, titled "Calling All Troublemakers," in which she's shown hanging out with two men in a hot tub, and now this photo shoot, it appears Thompson isn't holding back when crafting her public image.

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