Lexi Thompson had a hilarious reaction when someone yelled "FORE!" on her behalf

September 14, 2019

When it comes to yelling "FORE!" on an errant tee shot, a better-safe-than-sorry policy is best—especially at a golf tournament where thousands of fans are potentially in the line of fire. In fact, there was a bit of a dustup at this year's Open Championship when Robert McIntyre confronted playing partner Kyle Stanley for not yelling it on a shot that wound up hitting his caddie's mom in the crowd. So, seriously, when in doubt, just say, "FORE!"

But when a non-player got a little carried away screaming this four-letter warning at the Solheim Cup on Saturday, Lexi Thompson, had a hilarious reaction. Thompson had just pushed her tee shot on the drivable par-4 14th at Gleneagles and she instantly pointed right to let everyone know where her golf ball was heading. But in the following clip, you can hear someone give a blood-curdling "FORE!" to which Thompson turned and said, "Jeez, it's not that bad." Have a look and listen:

Classic. And Thompson was right. The shot wasn't that bad.

But again, no harm, no foul with the overzealous shout. We'd say let's leave the "Fore!" calls to the pros, but like we saw at the Open, that doesn't always cut it.