Lexi Thompson discusses her struggle with body image in Instagram post

October 25, 2018

Lexi Thompson has never given people a look into her personal life and inner thoughts like she has this year. After taking time off "to recharge her mental batteries" earlier in the 2018 season, Thompson spoke about not feeling like herself, and using the time to take care of her mental state after what was a trying year— on and off the course—in 2017. Two months later, she's taken to Instagram to discuss her struggles with body image.

As a player often noted for her athletic physique—she was featured on the cover of Golf Digest's May 2015 Fitness Issue—Thompson acknowledges it might sound "crazy" that someone like herself could struggle with body image. But she goes on to say she's been coping with the issue for years. She wrote:

"So this is a pretty personal post and some people might think it’s stupid or that I’m crazy but I’m going to share it anyway.... one of the biggest issues I’ve gone through is my self image/ body confidence. When I was really young, I just ate what I wanted to, didn’t care about fitness at all or what I weighed. Then as I slowly got into fitness seeing the results, I started getting crazy about it, seeing the attention I was getting, doing certain photo shoots I never thought I would. I was putting my body through brutal workouts twice a day not really eating because I thought that’s the way I would lose weight and weighing myself constantly. I would compare my self to these stick thin or fitness models on Instagram, tearing myself down because I didn’t have the toned stomach or the big butt. As a girl I know body confidence is a huge part of life and what we all go through. You think you’ll be happy once you get this certain body? But will you really be? Maybe more confident and by doing it the right way is how u need to go about it. The only way you’ll ever be truly happy though is if you love yourself first. But what I want to share is that your not alone in any of your struggles. And what I’ve learned is that I’m not going to deprive myself in the one life I get to live, I’m going to enjoy life and my food . You should never compare your body to others it’s a never ending battle of being miserable trust me. Your body is your body, it is beautiful so embrace it."

The post has garnered support from her fans. Among the comments were compliments and encouragement, as well as many deeper notes: Thompson’s fans supported the post because they saw themselves or people they care about in it.

“Thank you for this post Lexi. I manage a fitness centre, and one of my biggest struggles in working with younger women is exactly this. It’s nice to see and hear this message coming from someone more influential than myself, especially someone who inspires countless young women.” -- @tcarabetta

“This is absolutely amazing. This really really speaks to me because I had the same exact thing and I lost too much that it put me in the hospital -- and you are so pretty btw.” --

“Great post. Thanks for sharing and helping others. I needed this right now. It was encouraging. Thanks.” -- @mmacdermaid

“Respect you for putting yourself out there for all to see that we are not alone with our issues.” -- @calijim88

“Well said Lexi and thank you I will definitely have my 2 soccer playing girls read this.” -- @anthonyestanich