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Levet's lesson from Tiger

May 04, 2009

Thomas Levet's victory in the Spanish Open on Sunday had its genesis in the broadcast booth at Augusta National, where he was providing commentary for French television.

"Tiger showed that you don't need to play extra well to win or be in contention," Levet said in the aftermath of his Spanish Open win. "Even the guy who wins makes mistakes and for me the lesson is it makes me less nervous when I am playing badly.

"It opens your eyes on the game and makes you more conscious of what you need to do to win. Sometimes we try too hard, but you don't have to play perfectly and when you commentate you see that."

Levet is not the first to recognize a benefit to his own game from observing others from a television booth. Peter Jacobsen, among others, has acknowledged that his time in the broadcast booth helped his own game.

-- John Strege