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#HelpMeGolfDigest? Top 50 teacher Kevin Weeks is on the way

April 29, 2014

Golfers need a lot of help.

We received hundreds of videos from readers via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HelpMeGolfDigest, and on Thursday we'll get started on the fixes. Top 50 teacher Kevin Weeks is selecting a handful of your videos to give personal critiques and swing advice. He's well qualified to judge even the direst cases -- Weeks' students have won eight PGA Tour events and more than 25 college tournaments, and he's a three-time Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year.

Weeks' lessons will be the first of a regular series of #HelpMeGolfDigest posts. If your video doesn't make the cut, or you couldn't get it posted by Sunday, try again for the other installments the rest of the season. In case you missed our pointers for how to shoot and post, here are the some guidelines:

To have the best chance to get your video picked, follow a few basic guidelines to produce easy-to-analyze footage. Instagram limits videos to 15 seconds, and Vine videos are just six seconds, so use the time wisely. Pick the "best" example of the swing you don't want your playing partners to see, and shoot it from the appropriate angle. You can find a simple, thorough guide to shooting a swing with your smartphone here. Good lighting and interesting backgrounds always help, too.

Here are a couple of examples of good camera angles shot by Golf Digest staffers Ashley Mayo and Luke Kerr-Dineen: