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Lester's wheels come off, plus a contest

October 12, 2014

Actually, it was just one of Lester's wheels. His car had been in the shop the day before, and something hadn't been put back correctly, or something. He made it to the golf course, though, and the wheel didn't come completely off until he was in the parking lot. (He made a deep gouge in the gravel.) If all that had happened at speed on a highway, he probably would have missed his tee time:


Recently, I spent a week in Colorado on a New Yorker assignment unrelated to golf, and while I was there I took two flights in a very small plane. I saw many golf courses from the air, including the one in the photo below. I assume that those orange things are target greens on a driving range. The first person who identifies the course and explains the orange things will receive a disappointing prize. (I myself don't know the answers.)


While you think, you can watch this video I shot from the plane: