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Lenny Dykstra dropped a couple of hard F-bombs in a radio interview because of course he did

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On Monday, former New York Mets pitcher and now Mets analyst Ron Darling joined the Mike Francesa show on WFAN to promote his new book "108 Stitches," a collection of anecdotes from his 12-year career in the bigs. In a good bit of selling, Darling alluded to one of the juiciest stories in the book that involves former teammate Lenny Dykstra, and it's not exactly flattering for Dykstra.

According to Darling, the situation occurred during Game 3 of the 1986 World Series between the Mets and the Boston Red Sox. Trailing 2-0 in the series, the Mets sent out Dykstra to bat first in Game 3 against Red Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd. In an excerpt from the book that was published in the New York Post over the weekend, Darling writes that Dykstra unleashed an ugly, racist tirade directed at Boyd prior to the at-bat:

"Lenny was in the on-deck circle shouting every imaginable and unimaginable insult and expletive in his direction — foul, racist, hateful, hurtful stuff. I don’t want to be too specific here, because I don’t want to commemorate this dark, low moment in Mets history in that way, but I will say that it was the worst collection of taunts and insults I’d ever heard."

Dykstra ended up hitting a leadoff home run, one of four runs the Mets scored in the top of the first. The Mets went on to win the game 7-1 and eventually the series in seven games. Darling admitted on Francesa's show Monday that even though he is now disgusted by Dykstra's rant, he was the first to congratulate him after the homer in 1986, and he also admitted that the rant did flip the momentum of the series.

When the accusations reached Dykstra, he was unsurprisingly angry, and he went on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN soon after Darling's appearance on Francesa's show to attack Darling. Naturally, he dropped a few F-bombs along the way. Not sure what else Kay was expecting when they phoned him:

Here's the video of Darling explaining the book excerpt to Francesa:

So now Dykstra claims he's suing Darling and the book's publisher for defamation, saying none of his claims are true, and that he is going to drop Darling like "a red-headed f---ing stepchild." Just your standard Monday in New York sports radio.