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Lenny Dykstra, Bagel Boss guy to fight in boxing match that not a single person on the planet asked for

Remember Bagel Boss guy? Of course you do. For a short 15 minutes, the little man was the biggest (well, smallest) star/villain on the internet. His bagel-shop rant could very well go down as the most-viewed video of 2019, and he's attempting to stretch out whatever tiny amounts of fame the video has brought him. Apparently, that includes fighting three-time MLB All Star and fellow all-around good guy Lenny Dykstra in a boxing match that literally not a single person on the planet asked for.

The story was first reported by TMZ on Monday, and according to the tabloid Dykstra just signed on. Bagel Boss guy (his actual name is Chris Morgan) had already signed a deal to fight in Damon Feldman's Celebrity boxing promotion (celebrity is a very loose term here). The promotion apparently pits viral stars against one another in boxing matches, giving them their "16th minute of fame," according to Feldman, who is a former boxer, I guess? Between Feldman, Dykstra and Morgan, it's a toss up on who the best guy of the bunch is. Honestly, it could be Dykstra (last year, Feldman admitted he hit his ex-girlfriend after originally saying she was lying).

As for who might win the fight no one wanted, Morgan likes his chances, and has been training with UFC stars Al Iaquinta and Chris Weidman since going viral. Not sure Dykstra is ready to catch these small hands:

Then again, Dykstra is a former professional athlete, though, at 56 and looking like a walking corpse these days, maybe Morgan has a chance. All I know is I definitely will not be watching it. For those interested, it's taking place September 7 in the one place it belongs: Atlantic City, N.J.