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Lee Westwood shows off his cross-handed swing, explains why it's a good practice technique

February 24, 2015

Vijay Singh reminded us all last week of an interesting idea: cross-handed chipping. He's not the first to do it; Josh Broadaway has made a decent living on the Tour playing cross-handed, and Chris Couch won on the PGA Tour in 2006 chipping cross-handed.

Nevertheless, the three-time major champ and former World No. 1's move is probably the most high-profile to date, so it's always worth considering why he made the switch. Vijay said he found himself in a chipping slump and the left-hand low technique felt natural because that's how he started playing golf.

And he's not the only pro to tinker around with the left-hand-low grip on their full shots. On Monday, Lee Westwood shared this video of him hitting a few balls cross-handed. The first one wasn't so good...

On Twitter afterwards, Westwood explained that amateurs could benefit from hitting more shots left-hand low because it doesn't allow your right arm to get in a funky position during setup.