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An 82-year-old Lee Trevino showing off for Tiger and Charlie Woods is as cool as it gets

December 18, 2021

ORLANDO — Lee Trevino’s one of those characters whose reputation inside golf dwarfs his reputation outside golf—which is saying something, because his outside-golf reputation is that of an all-time great. He’s regarded by his peers and those who spent time around him as a singular character in the game; a genius player with a unique personality, unflinching grace and a radiant energy that lights up any room or turf of grass he stands on.

On Friday afternoon, after the pro-am for the PNC Championship that both Trevino and Team Woods are playing in, the six-time major winner put on a clinic of sorts for both Tiger and his son Charlie. The two-minute video, posted onto the PGA Tour Champions’ social channels, is as compelling as golf content could possibly be.

It begins with Trevino saying, “Hey Charlie, you gotta practice this.” He then carves a half-speed driver into a nearby flag, a piece of trickery he calls “a little wedge shot.” Trevino and Tiger then trade compliments as to the other’s golfing genius. Tiger tells Charlie that Trevino is the reason Woods instructs his son to draw wedge shots. Trevino shows his time-honored technique for avoiding missing wedge shots to the right.

Take a look:

Simply watching an 82-year-old man twitch and gesticulate the way Trevino does is remarkable.

It’s one of those videos that is cool now, but will be absolutely iconic in 50 years. Cheers to whoever tour employee managed to get a microphone nearby.