Learn two key moves from Jimmy Walker's swing to help your driving game

August 01, 2016

Getty Images

Jimmy Walker's biggest weapon has always been his driver, but sometimes he has trouble controlling it.

Not this week.

Walker played almost mistake-free golf for 36 holes Sunday at the PGA, shooting a bogey-free 67 in his last round to finish off a wire-to-wire win. It might be hard to replicate Walker's 115-mph clubhead speed, but you can copy a few basic elements of his swing to get more distance and accuracy in your own driving game.

"If you look at Jimmy Walker's swing sequence, you can see two big things that are true for anybody who drives it long and straight," says top New York teacher Michael Jacobs, whose X Golf School is based at Rock Hill Country Club in Manorville. "Most weekend players are trying to throw the clubhead at the ball or pull the handle toward the target on the way down. Jimmy is actually pulling the handle up toward his body at impact as hard as he can."

This pulling action is what creates the snap in the clubhead that means the difference between a 215-yard drive and one of Walker's 295-yard missiles. "The second piece to copy is what he does with his hips," says Jacobs. "The idea of turning your hips is pretty common, but most people make a big, sloppy turn. Good players turn their hips and keep some flexion between their right hip and the top of their thigh. It should feel like you're turning your hips without changing the position of your upper leg. If you look at Jimmy's belt, it stays very level through the backswing until after impact. Go for the right kind of hip turn--not just more of it.