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February 29, 2012

One would assume connecting golf with the extra day that occurs every four years--commonly known as Leap Day (more commonly known as February 29)--would be a rather simple task. You know what they say about assuming...

Believe it or not, the search query "Leap Day golf" delivered few exciting results. I can tell you there are numerous courses offering $29, all-inclusive rounds of golf today, along with the occasional tournament, but little else. So with that knowledge--or lack thereof--at hand, I was forced to include certain variables of today's theme: notably, connections to leaping and frogs. Here's a quick look at what the information superhighway has to offer.

Reducing my search to "leap" and "golf" turned up some fun results, including many versions of leap frog on the golf course. Among the options, you can watch the putting drill that shares the name, a man jumping into a moving golf cart, and sadly, a game of leap frog over an inebriated friend (make sure your stomach is settled before watching).

Which ultimately (don't ask me how) brought me to Ladies Privilege Day. It turns out that centuries ago, February 29 was designated to be the lone day it was acceptable for a woman to propose to a man. Since this practice is outdated (though under-utilized... ladies?), I decided to use this opportunity to honor Babe Zaharias, Michelle Wie, and Isabelle Beisiegel--respectively the first woman to play in a men's tournament, the first woman to qualify for a men's tournament, and the first woman to qualify for a men's tour.


-- Derek Evers