Lawry on scholarship

May 21, 2009

Ireland's Shane Lowry has elected to forgo amateur golf (and the Walker Cup) and turn professional (as reported here by Golf World's Tim Rosaforte), and though he was unable to accept prize money for having won the 3 Irish Open on Sunday, he won't be launching his professional career with empty pockets.

Aside from whatever endorsement money that might be thrown his way after his improbable victory, he also will receive a stipend of 20,000 euros (more than $27,000) from the Team Ireland Golf Trust. Established in 1999 by the Minister of Tourism, Sport and Recreation, the trust was designed to lend financial assistance to promising young Irish golfers, male and female.

"Being a part of the Team Ireland Golf Trust will allow me to do things properly from the very start and will give me the best chance to establish myself on tour during my fledgling days as a tournament professional," Lowry said at the news conference at which he announced his decision to turn pro.

-- John Strege