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LaVar Ball shows off silky jump shot...just kidding he bricked or airballed seven in a row

It's been nice to see LaVar Ball quietly fade away from the limelight. Whether that was by his own doing or someone got in his ear (definitely the latter), it's good for all involved, his kids, the Lakers, etc. The last thing anyone wants is him to return to his yapping ways, so you won't find us ever calling attention to anything he does.

EXCEPT when he shows off that jump shot he's run his mouth about so many times before and it goes horribly wrong. Following one of LaMelo Ball's recent high school games (he's back in high school, right?), LaVar got up a few threes and he looked like a combination of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen draining them from deep. Just kidding, he bricked or airballed seven in a row. Seven! Not kidding:

Me watching LaVar build a house with these bricks:


Man, you really just hate to see it. I guess we know where all the Ball kids got their awful shooting form from.