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Three women go on Las Vegas golf trip, each hits a hole-in-one

November 28, 2022

Photos from KSDK

If one person hits a hole-in-one on a golf trip, it’s a roaring success.

It doesn’t matter how the rest of the group plays or how many balls find the bottom of the pond or that your luggage got lost immediately on Spirit Airlines … one ace means a win for everyone.

So what happens when three occur on the same golf trip? Maybe go buy a lottery ticket.

Well, three St. Louis women on a Las Vegas outing all returned with aces and once-in-a-lifetime stories.

As part of a yearly women’s trip, Carol Cullinaire, Susan Degrandele and Jackie Berez all found the bottom of the hole in one way or another.

First was Carol, who used a six-iron to drain one from 85-yards away. The 84-year-old bought everyone a drink at the casino and went on to say, “This is so much fun, we should do it again.”

Little did she know that Susan and Jackie would follow her soon enough. A six-iron from 99 yards from Degrandele and an 87-yard wedge from Berez both dropped and suddenly a run-of-the-mill golf trip into a historic excursion.

"I think anybody that gets a hole-in-one, it's a super special event. Having it happen when it did with a bunch of really cool women all together, enjoying something we love outside, I think it made it so much more special," Jackie said. "It was fun getting a hole-in-one but it was even more fun celebrating the other girls and their hole-in-ones. It's kinda something you'll never forget.”

This particular trip has been an annual get-together for 30 years, and there had only been one hole-in-one prior to this year’s undertaking. That’s certainly been shattered now.

Of course, with a hole-in-one, you have to buy drinks at the bar. In case you’re wondering, Carol spent $112 before tip, Susan dropped $80 and Jackie’s was a little under $150.

There’s no doubt that every cent was worth it though with three aces on one trip to Sin City.