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Larry David on 'Feherty' and why you might want to watch

August 12, 2013

Larry David, a comedian who gained fame (and fortune) as the executive producer of the television show "Seinfeld," is David Feherty's guest Monday night on the Golf Channel show "Feherty," and those who watch should know that whatever David says or does probably is not an act.

Larry Dorman, a former senior vice president with Callaway Golf and now a writer for, recounts having played with David in the Golf Digest Celebrity Invitational, a charity event at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif., several years ago. It was a shotgun start and they began their round somewhere on the back nine. Dorman picks up the story from there.

"We get to 18," he said, "and Larry hits his tee shot hard left into the junk. He hits his next across the fairway to the right and the next shot over to the left again. Then he skulls one through the green. He's getting a little bit hot and he espies a local television station cameraman up on the hill shooting. Larry picked up his ball and made a beeline for the cameraman. He walked up to him, very seriously, and said, 'I just want to tell you that I don't want to see any single shot of mine on your air. If you do, you will hear from my attorney.'

"Now we go to the number one tee at Riviera, right by the clubhouse. He gets up on the tee and drills one, then spins around, spots the TV cameraman and says, 'Did you get that?' He was dead serious."

David, incidentally, is an avid golfer and a member at Riviera, who in the above clip, a preview of "Feherty," laments his golf passion.

"There's no good reason I should be golfing at all," he said. "There's no reason for it. I've wasted so much time. I could be speaking foreign languages now. I could be a concert pianist if I put this time into something else. It's crazy. And all I do is get unhappy."