Lane Train

Lane Kiffin roasting himself for his 'getcha popcorn ready' comment is why he remains the college football content king

When Lane Kiffin swings and misses, he swings and misses in spectacular, sometimes even catastrophic fashion. When he connects, though, it's pure football bliss.

On Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Kiffin swung for the fences during a pregame interview with CBS, and, at the time, there was still potential to connect and knock it out of the park. Had he beaten his former boss Nick Saban outright or even kept the game close, this "getcha popcorn ready" mic drop to CBS' Jamie Erdahl would have gone down as one of the greatest quotes in college football history: 

As we soon came to find out when it was 35-0 Alabama, this was one of Kiffin's many spectacular and catastrophic strikeouts. But remember, this is a reformed Lane Kiffin, an older, wiser head ball coach who knows the best way out of a swing and a miss like this is to roast himself. To tell it exactly like it is, which is what he did on Monday in hilarious fashion. 

"Sometimes you get caught up in emotions, and I just heard something, yelling in the locker room and someone's saying that [getcha popcorn ready]," Kiffin explained. "I don't even know why it came out. And I actually said to [offensive coordinator] Jeff Lebby, I got done and said 'I just said something really stupid. You better score a lot of points." 

Unfortunately, Kiffin's high-powered Ole Miss offense scored just 21, half of the Crimson Tide's 42, to lose by three touchdowns. Even worse was that all 21 of those were scored in garbage time in the second half, with the outcome of the game very much decided already. 

"At halftime I said to Lebby, I go 'looks like we didn't plug the microwave in, buddy." 

Truly brilliant stuff from Lane. Own it by owning yourself. After all these years and a number of large swings and misses, at least he understands that.