Mexico Open at Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta


Window of Opportunity

By Ron Kaspriske Photos by Dom Furore
June 10, 2014

Golf Digest Senior Staff Photographer Dom Furore on how he got this shot:

"Patience is essential in golf-course photography. I got to this spot behind the seventh green at about 7 on a gusty, rainy October morning, half an hour before sunrise. Looking at the forecast, I could see there was no way the sun was coming out before noon—and even then it looked unlikely it would come out at all. But I returned after lunch, set up my camera (with a plastic bag over it to block the rain) and waited for about three hours. The sun finally peeked through and started to light the green just after 6 p.m. I shot as many frames as I could. Less than a minute later, darkness had fallen."


WHERE: 4½ hours west of Glasgow by car (including a two-hour ferry).

YARDS: 6,354

PAR: 71

FEE: £64 ($111)

HISTORY: Designed by Willie Campbell in 1891.

BONUS: The Isle of Islay (pronounced Eye-Lay) has eight whisky distilleries.