124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Lamkin's latest putter grips address the stroke along with enhanced feel


Sheldon • IVESTER creative inc.

Putter grips have taken on added importance over the past decade, with many players paying closer attention to the grip on the club they use most often. That makes incredibly good sense, given that putting requires the most touch of any shot in golf, it would stand to reason that you would want something that would feel good in your hands.

Lamkin’s latest line of putter grips, the Sink Fit, were designed with that thought in mind, leading to a line with three different shapes and made from two materials, all with the idea of providing golfers with enough choices to find their perfect putter grip.

The grips, however, are not just an attempt to promote better feel. Better putting also is a goal.

The Sink Fit grips feature a profile contour that promotes proper wrist alignment and hand positioning to promote a more consistent stroke. These contours are available in the traditional pistol, skinny pistol or a straight shape grip made with Lamkin’s proprietary Genesis material with enhanced surface traction. The pistol and straight shapes are also available in an ultra-lightweight polyurethane material.

All of the new putter grips also feature Lamkin’s “fingerprint” technology, which uses densely spaced patterns where micro-textures are created to produce a smoother surface feel while maintaining traction.

“Putting preferences, perhaps more than any other part of the golf swing, are such a personal thing,” said company CEO Bob Lamkin. “We know there are certain characteristics of a putter grip, such as comfortable traction and consistent wrist alignment, that will help every golfer putt with more consistency; but there are many more that are purely down to feel and personal preference.”

The Sink Fit putter grip is available in five models. In rubber, there is the Skinny Pistol; Pistol (shown) and straight. The Pistol and Straight also are available in lighterweight polyurethane. Cost ranges from $18 to $20, depending on model.