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Valhalla Golf Club


Boom It! 4 Keys To Go Long

By Kyle Stanley Photos by J.D. Cuban
February 02, 2014

I have a couple gears. I have a normal gear. And then I have a par-5 gear where I try to rip it. I'm guessing you want to learn how to hit the big drive. Here's my advice:

1.) PLAY A DRAW. It goes farther than a fade. Set up a little wider, drop your back foot away from the target line, and match your shoulders and hips to this stance. You'll feel like you're aimed to the right. Also, play the ball opposite the toes of your front foot and tee it higher. Your front shoulder should be noticeably higher than your back shoulder.

2.) TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't rush the backswing, and be sure you make a full turn behind the ball. You're going to want to keep your upper body behind the ball through impact to use your power.

3.) STAY LOOSE. You don't want tension anywhere in your body. Pretend your arms are made of spaghetti, and feel like your body rotation whips them through the shot.

4.) SWING TO THE RIGHT. Keep the club tracking from in to out, but let the clubface rotate closed to this swing path. The ball will draw, land hard and roll out nice and hot.

PGA Tour player Kyle Stanley, 26, is one of the tour's leaders in driving distance at 306.3 yards. His average tee shot stays in the air 7.3 seconds and carries 295.2 yards.