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You have to see this ridiculous Kyle Berkshire 'Riser' to believe it

July 08, 2022

We've seen Kyle Berkshire do some ridiculous things the past few years. After all, no one has ever hit a golf ball as far—or as hard—as the reigning World Long Drive champ. But his latest stunt seems to defy all laws of physics.

Earlier this week, the long-haired bomber shared what he calls a "Riser"—and it's easy to see why. The ball starts low before launching up into the stratosphere. We're not sure how useful a tee shot like this would be on the golf course, but it's incredible to watch. Have a look:

INSANE, indeed. And forget about how we would describe it in five words, what would Isaac Newton say? The guy might have had to come up with an entirely new law of motion after watching that.

Of course, we're not too surprised, because Berkshire isn't a one-trick pony. The dude has all the shots as evidenced by his entertaining social media feeds. So much so, that he's going to give making a run at playing professional golf a shot, something we did a podcast on:

Anyway, keep the golf-ball-rising/jaw-dropping shots coming, Kyle.