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Kristen Saban perfectly summed up her dad's recent golf round with two rap legends

We got our first glimpse of just how aggressively retired Nick Saban is two weeks ago at the American Express. The legendary Alabama Crimson Tide head coach called into the broadcast from the couch to talk some golf, accidentally jinxing his buddy Justin Thomas in the process.

Our second glimpse came Monday, when a picture of Saban playing golf with rapper Travis Scott made its way to social media. Saban and Scott were playing in Reggie Jackson's Mr. October Celebrity Golf Classic at the Floridian National Golf Club, where they were hardly the only legends in attendance. As Saban's daughter Kristen pointed out on X/Twitter, her dad also played with another rap legend, 50 Cent. The man is L-I-V-I-N-G:

Yeah, WAY too well. I mean, look at the smile on Saban's face. That's the look of a man who no longer has to pour over gametape or put every ounce of energy into getting ready for Western Kentucky Week 1. He's just, simply, vibing.