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Know which way wind is blowing, at a glance

September 07, 2011

Golf trade shows produce an interesting mix of products that range from ingenious to inane. Most fall somewhere in between.


The AeroCaddie, introduced at the recent PGA Expo in Las Vegas, probably fits in the latter category. It works and provides a service. The AeroCaddie is a small windsock, a replica of an airport windsock, that attaches to the top of the golf cart. The idea is that it unerringly shows which way the wind is blowing, regardless of the windspeed.

Of course, a handful of grass clippings tossed in the air also will show which way the wind is blowing.

"Say goodbye to grass clippings," AeroCaddie's website said. Maybe not. The Aerocaddie sells for $20 per unit (up to 49 units; after that the cost per unit declines). Grass clippings are there for the taking.

The AeroCaddie's advantage, perhaps, is that it's considerably easier to see than grass clippings and takes no effort. Whether that's worth $20 is wholly dependent on the golfer.

-- John Strege