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Kim's short game to the rescue

July 09, 2010

Kim, a playoff loser at the Jamie Farr a week ago, credits better putting and wedge play for making her a factor at the demanding Oakmont CC.

She got a putting lesson June 28 from Ron Stockton that has given her a lot of confidence.

"I am a very wristy putter, but had me keep the putter - the shaft - moving toward the target," Kim said. "I feel like I'm kind of shoving everything, but they're actually rolling on the right line now. Instead of expecting [the ball] to go in the hole from sheer will, now I feel like I have the ability and stroke to make it go in. I feel really solid standing over putts now."

Kim has hit 23 of 36 greens over two days, but she also has scrambled effectively by using her 56-degree wedge instead of relying on her 60-degree. "My Dad's been telling me to do that for about now nine years now, and I've been refusing, so he'll be happy to hear that," she said. "I only used my 60 once when I had to hit out of a [deep] greenside bunker The 56 has a little more bounce and weight and that helps it get through the rough."

(Photo provided by the USGA)

--Bill Fields