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Kim takes another step forward

April 11, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga. - A second-round seven-under-par 65 in the 2009 Masters proved to be a lesson for Anthony Kim. A final-round 65 on Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club gave Kim a third-place finish that might prove to be another step toward a green jacket.

"On Friday, I remember I made two double bogeys and a bogey," Kim said. "So I knew that I probably had to tone down firing at so many flags, even though I did make 11 birdies.

"At the same time, I know that if I get tee ball in the fairway here, I'm going have a chance, because I am an aggressive player and I'm going to have a couple more opportunities than guys that are hitting further back ... This is a great golf course for me."

Kim has a bad left thumb - "I think it's a torn ligament" - and was thinking about surgery after the Masters. But after winning in Houston last week and finishing four shots behind Phil Mickelson, he is reevaluating.

"Well, it's definitely uncomfortable and something I didn't want to talk about," he said.  "I've had plenty of injuries and they have been well documented and I don't want another one to talk about.  But I've had it for about 15,16 months.  It's just not going away, so I have to take care of it.

"Now, surgery is going to be the last resort, where I'm taking some medicine and I took a cortisone shot a couple of months ago to relieve the pain. But it's affecting my golf swing and I don't want it to keep doing that because I'm going to get into bad habits, so for the long term I would like to get it fixed. I have a great doctor, Dr. (Tom) Graham, and he's trying to figure out, maybe we go to Nike and get a new glove that fits my thumb and holds it in place a little bit better.  We are just trying to figure something out."

-- *John Marvel