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Kevin Na nips Danielle Kang thanks to albatross, is already having a very happy new year

January 02, 2024

Kevin Na didn't waste any time recording his first highlight of 2024. The five-time PGA Tour winner and current LIV golfer made an albatross on Tuesday. Even better? It helped him edge an LPGA star.

We know this because Danielle Kang videoed Na retrieving his golf ball from the cup on the par-5 ninth hole at Las Vegas Country Club. However, we don't know any other details about the shot that produced the albatross because when Kang (no stranger to holing shots herself) asks Na how long it was, all he could think about was their match.

"I think that was to beat you on this nine, too, that was the best part," Na says in the clip. "Yes, that was to beat you on this nine. I needed at least an eagle."

Imagine being good enough to think "I needed at least an eagle" and then making better than an eagle? Must be nice. Anyway, have a look:

Decked out in his Iron Heads gear and with a few people clapping in the background, you might think this happened at an actual LIV event. We kid, we kid.

Seriously, congrats to Kevin, and what a start to 2024. Of course, the year can probably only go down from here.