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Kevin Kisner brutally jabs Patrick Reed's Red Sox ticket complaint with perfect photo

September 04, 2018

Kevin Kisner has a reputation as a cool, unflappable cat, and it's reputation that's well-deserved. But under that demeanor and reserve is a mischievous spirit. Which, paired with the former sentiments, is a deadly combo. Like the kid in high school who draws an unflattering picture of the teacher on a hidden chalkboard, sitting in the back of class with a stoic look once the photo is revealed.

So it's not surprising that it's Kiz that took this brutal, and hilarious, jab at Patrick Reed following the Masters champ's Red Sox ticket snafu last week:

However this came to pass—either Kiz physically moving Reed's nameplate to the club president's spot or the tour bending over backward to appease Reed's first-world problem—both possibilities pack a punch. Also respect the lack of exclamation mark, underlining a hint of seriousness in Kiz's dagger and thus adding another layer of awesomeness.

Matt Kuchar is still the crown prince of tour pranksters. But with artworks like this, it's clear Kiz is coming for Kuch's corner.