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Kenyan Drake sends driver head flying, will not be teeing it up in the AT&T Pro-Am any time soon

It takes serious guts to post your golf swing to Twitter. It takes seriously serious guts to post a swing gone horribly awry. Kenyan Drake, running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, has seriously serious guts.

Of course, we already knew that considering Drake willingly runs into 300-pound humans trying to tackle him as a job. Still, though, golf swing Twitter critics are not people you want to mess around with, but Drake walked right into the fire on Tuesday, asking his 176.6K followers "How does my swing look?"

Not great, Kenyan, not great:

The good news is there is literally no way to go but up from here for the former Alabama stud. Plus, he obviously has no problem poking fun at himself. Here was his next tweet, which clarified that he went full Happy Gilmore at the Pepsi Pro-Am:

Drake, unfortunately, never found the ball, though he did find the driver head. "I played it where the head landed," Drake wrote. "I couldn't find the ball." That's the only move in this situation. We'll allow it.

Drake should start playing with his quarterback, Derek Carr, who also tweeted out video of his golf swing on Tuesday, though his resulted in a freaking eagle. Legendary stuff:

Not going to make any jokes about Carr being more clutch on the golf course than... nope, not making the joke. Love D-Carr. Underrated QB. Properly rated golfer.