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Kendall Jenner creates a (mini) mini golf hole, gets way too excited about it

August 31, 2016

Kendall Jenner will make a reported $10 million modeling this year. But she seems a lot more excited about something she made involving some household scraps.

Jenner took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her new creation: turning her iPhone into a (mini) mini golf hole. Check it out -- and listen for her giddy squeals ("Ohhhh, I did it!") of joy:

Kendall Jenner. Supermodel. Innovator. Move over, Thomas Edison.

In all seriousness, we appreciate the enthusiasm that Kendall shows for golf -- no matter what form it takes. Earlier this year, she showed off her full golf swing on a snow-covered rooftop.

And previously, we've seen her use a simulator.

Maybe we'll see Kendall on a real course someday. Or maybe, she's already working on building one.