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Ken Griffey Jr. playing catch with his dad before the Field of Dreams game will hit you right in the feels

August 12, 2022

Michael Reaves

If it seems like we here at The Loop don't do a lot of "feel-good" posts, that's because our contracts stipulate we can only do so many of them per month. We're also required to knock anything new MLB tries under the Rob Manfred regime. That being said, sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Or, in this case, tip your backwards cap.

Actually Ken Griffey Jr. not sporting his signature look is about the only thing we can knock in regards to what happened ahead of Thursday night's Field of Dreams game between the Reds and Cubs. The former Reds player (and Seattle Mariners legend) emerged from the outfield corn stalks alongside his father and fellow former Reds/Mariners outfielder to have a catch—recreating the catch Kevin Costner's character has with his dad at the end of the classic movie.

Have a look—and have the tissues ready. In case you need it. Obviously, we didn't because we're tougher than that:

Amazing. I just got a flashback to watching "This Week In Baseball" with Mel Allen as a kid and seeing this father-son combo hitting back-to-back home runs in a game. Wow. Is someone cutting an onion in here? By the way, the Cubs beat the Reds, 4-2, but who cares after watching this beautiful scene.

Again, we DON'T condone usually corny or sappy here at The Loop (even if we were kidding about that contract stuff), but that was pretty darn good. What an amazing moment. Well, other than Sr. dropping the first ball. And then the kids joining them on the field. Wow. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ROMANTIC ABOUT BASEBALL?!

Then again, you could play the "Field of Dreams" music (RIP James Horner the GOAT) over anyone doing anything and people watching are bound to get choked us. Well, other than us here at The Loop, of course. Because there's no crying in baseball. Or here. Ever. Now where are my sunglasses?