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Keith Hernandez's Twitter account is officially the best (and most dad) thing on the internet

April 06, 2018

If you've never listened to the broadcast of a New York Mets game on SNY with Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez, you haven't lived, and this is coming from a Yankee fan. Not only are they funnier than just about any god-awful "Saturday Night Live" episode (not saying much), but they also know what they're talking about, and their chemistry as a trio is unmatched. While Darling and Cohen are great, the star, of course, is Hernandez.

The legendary first basemen boasts an incredible resume, including a share of the 1979 NL MVP, five All-Star games, a career .296 batting average, 11 gold gloves, two World Series rings and a guest appearance in one of the all-time great episodes of "Seinfeld". Since 2006, he's been a broadcaster for the Mets on SNY, a team he spent seven of his final eight MLB seasons on and won one of his two World Series with. Last year, he also got an even bigger gig with FOX as a studio analyst. In other words, the guy can do it all, and now he's taking Twitter by storm.

Judging by some of the stuff Hernandez let's slip on air, he's probably the last guy who should ever have a Twitter account, but we're here to tell you that so far, it's been the best (and most dad) thing on the internet. Hernandez actually first tweeted when the Mets played the Royals in the World Series in 2015, and his first three reps were Dad City, USA, population: Keith.

Game 2 of the World Series? Yup, going to be a big one. Thanks Keith.

Dads LOVE weather. LOVE it. In my dad's next life he's going to be Al Roker.

This was Keith's final tweet before a nearly three-year hiatus. He returned this season on March 30 in all his glory and has tweeted 84 times since, gaining over 30,000 followers along the way. Let's pick out the gems.

Excellent news.

Slingin' merch, and yes that is Keith's cat on the shirt in the top left, and its name is Hadji. More to come on Hadji.


What a twist. Optimistic about Harvey, but, more importantly, sorry about my website.

We're now on Day 8 of blue checkmark watch for Keith, and still nothing. What an absolute disgrace. No wonder Twitter is the worst social media app on the planet. Will someone verify this guy already!!

The man drips sex appeal. Still no check mark, but don't you worry doubters, especially you, Thomas:

There's no clear cut name for those on Twitter, some say "tweeps" (lame), some say "tweeters" (lamer), so leave it to Keith to create the best term to date:

Tweetsters. It's almost too good. Also, cha ching on that "Seinfeld" episode. That one (deservedly) runs once a week on one of the million different channels Seinfeld plays on. Keith is just stacking residual checks at this point.

Not a cat guy, but Hadji looks like a guy I could hang out with.

Dad glasses, Dad selfies, Dad zingers. Inject this Twitter account directly into my veins.

For an incredibly old school baseball man, this is the most millennial, Brooklyn-hipster Starbucks order ever, but Keith explaining it in detail makes it hilarious.

The only bigger crime than Keith not having a blue checkmark is him not periscoping his entire day. Keith takes D.C. is a show I'd pay top dollar for.