Giancarlo Stanton answers the boos with hardest hit ball of the season

Not sure if you heard, but Giancarlo Stanton got booed at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, which seems like a pretty fair reaction considering his contract is the largest in MLB history and he struck out five times. But because it was Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, Stanton's first in pinstripes, many were upset the 325-million dollar man was subjected to such meanness, except Stanton, who had a great response, saying he was "awful" and should have been booed.

That was all a long-winded way of saying that whether or not Stanton should have been booed was quite possibly the dumbest argument ever, and one the Yankee's newest toy made completely irrelevant on Wednesday in the Bronx by absolutely smashing a two-run shot to left field:

Translation: "EVERYONE SHUT UP." This response was even better than his "I should have gotten booed" response, and one Yankee fans should love. Rather than let the idiocy that was the booing argument linger, Stanton ended it ASAP, and in ridiculously hard fashion. It's only April 4th, but for now, Stanton's blast is the hardest hit ball of the year:

Not bad, some would say. Get used to this Yankee fawning, folks, we've got (checks calendar) seven more months of it.