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Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez get into heated dispute at Match Play


How often do you see PGA Tour players nose-to-nose, almost ready to come to blows?

That's exactly what we saw Friday night at the WGC-Cadillac Match Play. Keegan Bradley got into Miguel Angel Jimenez's face on the back nine of their match -- after Jimenez questioned Bradley's drop off of a cart path.

A rules official was over with the group as Bradley and his caddie Steve (Pepsi) Hale were explaining their drop -- but Jimenez was not happy. Golf Channel's Steve Sands reported that Jimenez's ball was 40 yards farther down the fairway when Jimenez walked back to Bradley. When Hale said something to Jimenez, it sounded like Jimenez told Hale to "shut up," which prompted Bradley to get in The Mechanic's face.

Bradley kept saying "You need to go back to your ball!" It looked like someone was about to push the other.

Here's video with pretty clear audio of the exchange from a Twitter user (not the PGA Tour's Adam Scott).

The video of Keegan and Miguel getting into it a minute ago "You don't tell my caddie to shut up"

— Adam Scott (@AScottPGA) May 2, 2015

Twitter followers telling me Jimenez told Keegan Bradley''s caddie to shut up & Keegan responded "Don't tell my caddie to shut up."

— Randall Mell (@RandallMellGC) May 2, 2015

This supposedly came after Jimenez wasn't happy about a ruling he got on a drop on a cart path on the 13th hole.

"We thought Miguel was the guy who smoked cigars, drank red wine and just relaxed out there," Dan Hicks said on NBC after observing the two golfers in this heated argument.

Johnny Miller: "The rules official should've done a much better job."

This came close to being the most interesting fight in the world. Bradley & Jimenez in each other's face.

— Kelly Tilghman (@KellyTilghmanGC) May 2, 2015

Even after the match was over, Bradley continued the discussion with Jimenez once they shook hands. This vine below doesn't do justice to how mad Bradley was.

Hale also walked past Jimenez after the round without shaking his hand.

There's a fight in Las Vegas this weekend between Mayweather and Pacquiao. But we came about as close as we can in golf to a fight of our own! Match play!