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Keegan Bradley becomes second player this week to violate 14-club rule


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February 04, 2016

There are plenty of obscure golf rules and decisions, like the difference between a log and a bench, the lack of relief from an orange peel and that placing a water bottle on a green could result in a penalty.

But one rule that's widely known is the number of golf clubs one is allowed in the bag: 14.

At least, we thought it was common knowledge. As the professionals are showing, that's not the case.

First the LPGA Tour's Sandra Gal broke the rule on Wednesday at the Coates Golf Championship, forgetting an extra 3-iron was amongst her sticks. Then on Thursday at the Waste Management Open, Keegan Bradley was guilty of the same violation:

As our friend Brian Wacker pointed out, the 2011 PGA champion didn't let the error submarine his round, posting a 68 on the day. Still, with little room for error on tour, you better believe Bradley -- who usually has Steve (Pepsi) Hale's back -- might have a word or two with his looper tonight.

(That sound you hear is every caddie racing to their bags to frantically count every club twice.)