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Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald are having a Twitter war over how manly they are for some reason

September 21, 2015

We're not sure what prompted this, but on Sunday night, Keegan Bradley took a swipe at Luke Donald's power off the tee:

That's not nice, Keegan. And that has to be inaccurate. . . right? Let's see (scrolling down PGA Tour driving distance rank) . . . let's see (still scrolling) . . . there he is. Luke Donald is ranked 178th on tour with an average of 277 yards per drive. Take that, Keegan!

OK, so Donald is one of the shorter hitters. And Bradley happens to be 10th on tour with an average of 306.1 yards per drive. But why point that out about one of your friends now?

Tennis player Mardy Fish, a scratch golfer himself, even weighed in:

To which Bradley responded with another dig:

Ouch. On Monday, it was Donald's turn to respond. He switched manly topics from feats of strength to feats of drinking:

Hey, what's wrong with Apple Ale? Am I right? Sorry, Luke, but you're still one down -- for now.