Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands

Tournament Golf

May 24, 2011

1. What's the maximum dollar value of a prize you can receive and still maintain your status as an amateur golfer?

(a) $0.

(b) $500.

(c) $750.

2. Before a stroke-play tournament, you tell your caddie to take a putter and some balls to test the pin positions. Doing this:

(a) Would disqualify you.

(b) Would give you a two-stroke penalty.

(c) Would be permissible.

3. Can the captain of your club's team give any advice to you during your match against another club?

(a) Yes, always.

(b) No, just the visiting club's captain can.

(c) Yes, only if the com- mittee has authorized it.

4. Your ball lands out-of-bounds, hits a hapless spectator and bounces back in play. Your ball is considered:

(a) In play, no penalty.

(b) In play, but add a stroke for your shot that was briefly out-of-bounds.

(c) Out-of-bounds.


5. You hit your partner's ball in member-guest qualifying. It's a two-stroke penalty, unless:

(a) You were both in a bunker.

(b) You both played the same brand, model and number of ball.

(c) The ball was moving in a stream.

6. Your chip-in doesn't drop entirely below the surface of the putting green. The ball is:

(a) Holed out.

(b) Holed out if you remove the flagstick and it falls below the surface of the green.

(c) Holed out if a caddie removes the pin and it falls in.

(d) Still in play. Place it on the edge of the hole.


7. You recover again on the next hole, with a good second shot that lands near the flag. To mark and clean your ball:

(a) All of it has to be on the putting green.

(b) Only a part has to be touching the putting green.

(c) At least half of it must be touching the green.

8. How early may you ask an opponent what club he hit into the green?

(a) After you both hit.

(b) After the hole is done.

(c) After the match is over.

9. Nerves get the better of you on the last hole of the big event, and you hit a hook. Your ball is out-of-bounds when:

(a) All of it is out.

(b) Any part of it is out.

(c) At least half of it is out-of-bounds


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(2) C, Rule 6-1

(3) C, Note to Rule 8

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(7) B, Definitions

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