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Kangaroo stricken with World Cup fever invades Australian soccer game

In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, put another shrimp on the barbie, because we have yet another batch of kangaroo thunder from Down Under to share with you. Instead of tormenting golf pins and drop kicking cyclists, however, this 'roo took it's unique disruptive abilities to the wild world of Aussie women's soccer, interrupting a match between Canberra FC and Belconnen United to vault a couple fences, play a little goalkeeper, and show off its pace for the scouts. Behold:

After a delay of about 20 minutes, the kangaroo got bored and took it's skills to greener pastures, like Sochi, where the Socceroos will face off against already eliminated Peru on Tuesday, needing a win (and some help) to advance. If that doesn't sound like a peach of a script for 'Most Valuable Marsupial'—the latest installment in MVP: Most Valuable Primate's proud straight-to-video lineage—then my name isn't Ron Howard.