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Justin Thomas says he played home run derby in Tiger Woods' house—and it didn't end well

April 17, 2020

Rob Carr

Tiger Woods won't be in action again this weekend, but for a second consecutive Sunday golf fans can get their Tiger fix by tuning into CBS. A week after the network re-aired Woods' 2019 Masters win with added commentary from the 15-time major champ, a new special called "Tiger Tales" will debut. Eat your heart out, Tiger King.

The one-hour program presented by Genesis will feature a series of "light-hearted stories hope to shed a new light on the player who has dominated PGA TOUR telecasts for the past two decades," according to These animated stories will come from fellow tour pros—and if they're all as good as the one told by Justin Thomas, viewers are in for a treat. (International viewers can watch on GOLFTV beginning Monday, April 20.)

Here's JT talking about the first time he played "home run derby" with Woods and his son, Charlie. In Tiger's living room. That's right, living room. And Thomas wound up doing some damage. Literally.

But as you can see, Woods was cool with Thomas breaking something. Apparently, that was to be expected. You know, because they're playing home run derby in a living room.

"They were like, 'that's fine, it happens all the time,'" Thomas says in the clip. "I'm like, 'I still don't feel good about it, but I'm glad it happens often.' As long as it didn't hit any of the major trophies, that's fine."

To sum up, you can watch more of these fun "Tiger Tales" Sunday on CBS at 2 p.m. ET. And if you ever get invited to Tiger's for dinner, bring a bat instead of a bottle of wine.