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Just like real life, the new Rory McIlroy EA Sports game forces you to play bump-and-runs in Scotland

April 24, 2015

It's getting quite eery how closely video games resemble real life. We're not just talking about swings, or facial expressions, or how tightly Sergio Garcia wears his shirts, although that's all factored in as well.

Instead consider that the new EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour coming out in July also forces you to adjust how you play depending on the firmness of the turf. No joke. With a greater focus on "Course Personalities," the game features different conditions depending on the region. For instance, courses in Florida will be soft, forcing you to play the ball more in the air, while Scottish links courses like Royal Troon will encourage a ground game.

Hey, can I be Todd Hamilton in this game?


In the video below, there's also a mention of making "interaction with vegetation more realistic," which might sound perverse, but is actually referring to how the ball reacts when you hit it out of the rough versus the fairway.

Anyway, check out the video trailer for yourself. If you're like us, it will make you want to get the game and waste valuable hours of productivity as a result.