Just Hangin'

Juan Soto's Silver Slugger Award just lying around his living room is the ultimate DGAF move

At just 22, Juan Soto has already had a career many big leaguers past and present would die for. World Series champ, check. Silver Slugger Award, check. National League batting champion, check. All that's left now is an MVP and, if he wants to dream real big, a Triple Crown.

Judging by the way he displays his Silver Slugger Award, he must be dreaming of bigger and better things already. Following a three-game set with the New York Yankees, in which Soto had a homer and three RBIs, he tweeted out a picture of him hanging out and watching a movie on his off day. Very normal thing to do for a young baseball player. 

Immediately, though, the entire internet all noticed the same thing. No, not the Jim Carrey movie or the PS5 or the white calve socks. It's his Silver Slugger Award, literally just chilling in the corner of his living room next to an outlet with a bunch of wires plugged in:

Oh, is that my award for being one of the best hitting outfielders in the NL? Whoops, didn't see it there! 

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. But, also, if you have a Silver Slugger Award, it's time to get that TV up on the wall and get those gross-ass-looking wires out of sight. There's got to be somebody out there that would be happy to clean up Soto's entertainment center here, and while they're at it maybe they can also hang the Silver Slugger up on the wall.