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The fact Josh Norman didn't retire after being stiff armed to hell by Derrick Henry is a flat-out miracle

There are two ways to look at the stiff arm heard 'round the world that occurred on Tuesday Night Football, which should absolutely be a thing every week. If you haven't seen it (you probably have already), Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry took a toss and made his way to the left sideline where he met Buffalo Bills corner Josh Norman. Yes, that Josh Norman, who many folks didn't realize was a Bill until Henry sent him through the crust of the earth. Here's the clip: 

It's an iconic stiff arm, one that will be meme'd to death for years to come. It was so ferocious that no one will remember or care that it didn't even count, as the Titans were flagged on the play for holding. That mattered very little. Tennessee's message was sent with this ragdolling, and they went on to stemroll the previously undefeated Bills 42-16. 

Back to Norman. The first way to look at this, is that it was a LONG time coming. Norman has pissed off more than a few opposing wide receivers and opposing fans during his eight-year career. There was probably plenty of pointing, laughing and high-fiving from those he's crossed on Tuesday night. 

The other way to look at it, is to give major props to Norman. How many other 32-year-old corners are making a "business decision" with the 6-foot-4, 240-pound Henry steamrolling in their direction? A good amount of them are. And the others are going straight for Henry's legs and likely missing the tackle entirely. Norman should be applauded for sticking his head in there, going at Henry, and failing miserably. What was most impressive, though, is that he popped back up, finished the game and didn't immediately retire. 

Another silver lining for Norman? He's not the first player Henry has sent to the depths of hell, and he's not the biggest either. Here's Henry sending a Michigan State defensive lineman flying in the 2016 College Football Playoff semifinals:

The man is just different. Don't fret, Josh. But definitely take a second ice bath today.