Josh Allen and Dawson Knox had an all-time great touchdown celebration that flew under the radar

November 09, 2020

If you're the type to treat Rotten Tomatoes ratings like gospel, you've probably never given the movie "Hot Rod" a chance. The cult comedy, starring Andy Samberg, has a 39-percent rating on RT, the critics consensus being that it's "far to inconsistent to satisfy all but the least demanding slapstick lovers." 

I'm here to tell you that those critics are embarassingly wrong. "Hot Rod" may not be for everyone, but the last thing it is is inconsistent. It's a nonstop laugh riot for 90 minutes straight, and if you have never seen it I suggest you change that immediately. 

Those who have seen it must have been pointing at their television screens like that Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme during the Bills-Seahawks game on Sunday. Buffalo dismantled the Seahawks, winning 44-34 and having a blast doing it. After one of their many touchdowns, Bills quarterback Josh Allen and tight end Dawson Knox re-enacted a scene from "Hot Rod," and the results was perfect: 

This is one of the great TD celebrations of all time, and yet it flew completely under the radar. Probably because no one had any idea what they were doing because not enough folks have seen "Hot Rod." Shameful. Shameful stuff. I bet if it had been a "Wedding Crashers" or "Anchorman" re-enactment, everybody would be ROFL-ing.

Anyway, go watch "Hot Rod," people. Make sure you go to your "quiet place" first: